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Wildlife Spotter

1. Spend at least !5 minutes each day for a week watching the birds,animals and insects where you live.Your garden,local park,or watch what is happening in your school grounds. Record what you see.

2. Identify three of each of the following:

-Common wild birds

-Common butterflies

-Wild animals



3. Make a feeding Station, This could be for hedgehogs,insects, birds, frogs or any other creatures

4. Choose and do one of the following:

- Big Garden Birdwatch, or Butterly Count

-Watch for and note when migrating birds arrive for the Summer or

-With an adult, find a pond or stream and see what lives there. Look for insects, fish, amphibians and any signs of pollution.

- Visit a nature reserve or country park. Draw pictures or take photos of different trees. Take bark rubbings and label them with names of trees.