the Great BiG Earth DiG

TGBED 2012


 The 2012 Great BiG earth DiG was another Great success. 36 DiGGers turned up ready to DiG. Including 11minidiggers and 3 teendiggers, The youngest was only 3 years old and the eldest 79 ¾. The rallying call of Get out of B.E.D. get your boots on and DiG deep for Sustainability was once again heard. A sturdy land army of Neighbours, Friends and Family came along with forks and spades over their shoulders for another fun day Together… The plot was made ship shape. Raised beds, growing tubs were prepared for planting and some new planters were created out of converted recycled car wheels.

 Being Olympic and Jubilee year our local Queen (look a like) made an appearance to open this year’s growing season and planted a jubilee fig tree with our youngest digger.

There was a buzz around the plot with the mini diggers talking about, worms,bugs, bees, birds, and butterflies and many of the hidden animals were given names, (such as Cyril the squirrel, Bart and Betty badgers, Fred frog and Harry the hedgehog.
A real sense of Interconnection with the outdoors was felt.
Many smiling dirty faces, grubby hands and aching backs at the end of the day left the plot with a sense of Pride, Satisfaction and a job well done.

We are all looking forward to a Great growing season, with the extra challenge of water shortages and hose pipe bans. A 2012 planting plan has been organised.

New potatoes, Pink fur apple, Blue spuds, radishes, broccoli, lettuce, rocket, parsley, peas and onions have already been planted up. Many seedlings are growing away again in various greenhouses. As the months get warmer the planting will continue.


This was the 3rd Great BiG Earth DiG, the shoots are growing bigger, more people are being inspired to join in. The roots are gaining strength in local communities across the country

  Don’t Just Grow Your Own Grow It Together

  Become a Great BiG Earth DiGGeR