the Great BiG Earth DiG

TGBED 2011

On the sunny Sunday morning of Equinox Day 20.03.2011 about 30 neighbours,friends and family met up at our shared allotment plot for THE GREAT BIG EARTH DIG armed with forks and spades ready to dig for sustainability!

We originally started the idea last year,when a few of us got together to grow some fruit and vegetables. The idea slowly developed over the following year, including an article in our local community magazine, The Chessington Chat. We were lucky enough to have a full page article in their January 50th issue on page 20. Please have a read of it at on our links page.

We thought we could encourage more people to get involved by making posters and leaflets and we decided to raise awareness of the benefits of growing your own in the larger community. We started posting tweets on Twitter and the response was encouraging. Our website was launched in October 2010 to inspire others.

The Twitter followers have now grown to nearly 1000

We also had a great response from B&Q,HRH The Prince of Wales' START Project,Uk Aware Show,Edible Garden Show, Open Planet Ideas,Climate Week and Brighton & Hove Grow your Neighbours Own scheme plus more.

Our idea has grown and has been placed on many other websites including Facebook pages.We even have had mentions from Anne Diamond on BBC London Radio,Jeni Barnett and Ken Livingston and a great BIG mention from James o'Brien on LBC.the roots have grown far and wide.

Our Great Big Earth DiG was a great sucess; we worked together and managed to dig over 7 raised beds. A compost heap container was built and palet fences constructed,herb grower containers,hanging baskets and planters filled.We all had a fantastic day preparing our plot for the warmer days for when we can plant out our little seedlings, which are growing in various greenhouses in our back gardens.

It was a beautiful spring day, we even had a BBQ for lunch to encourage a bit of help. When the digging was completed, we had a local Sean Connery look-a-like to make sure the soil was dug and not stirred and to officially open our plot for the year by cutting the red ribbon and a champagne toast to successful growing.

In the evening, we had messages from all around the country including Kent,Lancashire,Blackburn,the wirral,Devon,Welsh Boarders,County Durham,Birmingham,Lincolnshire,Bedford,Cheshire,even the US and Canada on how others joined in.

All ages came together and had fun digging and we will all grow togrther while unknowingly reconnecting to the cycles of Mother Earth and regaining respect to our Planet inspiring the good life back