the Great BiG Earth DiG


Either - Do one clause from each season Or - All the clause from one season


- Make a nest box of bird feeder, and with permission hang it in a suitable place.

- Learn about a folk custom or religious festival that takes place during Spring

- Keep a record for at least two weeks of when and where you see the following:
*Spring Flowers
*Leaves appearing on trees
*baby animals

- Make a gauge to measure rainfall, measure it for a few weeks and keep a daily record.


- Make a bird bath and fill it each day with water. Make a note of who comes to visit.

- Watch butterflies, bees and other insects on a flowering plant or bush. Know what they are doing and why?


- collect autumn leaves and make a collage

- see if conkers actually keep spiders out

- Find out why leaves change colour

- Look at Harvest and Hunter Full moon, Mighty Orion and Pleiades


- make a bird pudding and leave it out somewhere safe for birds to eat

- learn about winter festivals

- Grow a bulb, such as a hyacinth, in a clear container or water so you can see its roots grow.