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A little Myth

Here's a little story I wrote for my Kids about interconnectedness. Based on an old tale...told by a tree. I don't know where it bubbled up from ,but it just appeared after one amazing illuminating day ,a few years back. I wrote it in one sitting when I got home .So it's a little rough around the edges. A first draft really.

Over the hills and far away ,where the sky met the sea. Sat a young woodcutter by a pond at the base of old oak tree. He had been working hard all day ,and decided he needed a well earned break. It was late afternoon ,on an early spring day. The sun was shinning, and the cold of winter had began to fade away. The sap had started rising ,with buds just on the verge of springing back to life. There was much activity all around ,birds busy and singing, squirrels chasing around. There was a small blue and green caterpillar crawling on one of his boots. A small frog leapt into the pond ,with a splash. As the woodcutter looked into the crystal clear water ,the ripples slowly disappeared, he could see the reflection of the old oak tree behind him. The wind began to blow ,through the branches of the tree .As he looked at the reflection the tree seemed to change .So he concentrated on this image with all his thought .As he cleared his mind a face appeared within the bark of the tree .The face was that of a beautiful ,middle aged lady........

"Hello" she said with a kind and caring voice ,don't be afraid. The woodcutter was startled and rubbed his eyes ,he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "what ,who are you." stuttered the woodcarver ,having trouble getting his words out. "Don't be afraid" said the wise tree. I have many names ,some people call me Mother Nature ,others call me Gaea. I am the spirit of the Earth, and I am everywhere you look. In the birds ,the animals ,the plants and the flowers ,the sea ,the sky everywhere! I come to you today ,to pass on my wisdom .The woodcutter looked amazed. "But why have you chosen me? I am no one special, and I lead a simple life." The face replied "why not you?" "I have been watching you and have seen you have a good soul ,I know you would benefit from the message I bring to you. So that you can share it with others." Instantly the woodcutter sat up began to listen.

"It is very simple" continued the tree "I have an old story to tell you ,make of it what you will" and so it began.....

The bright sun in the sky wasn't his usual happy self ,in fact he was miserable ,he felt no one liked him .Because when ever he smiled and shone brightly at someone they screwed up their face and closed their eyes ,due to this he thought he was ugly .He continued his journey across the sky everyday without fail ,but he was extremely lonely.

Now one cold and frosty day he awoke earlier than usual ,and as he climbed into the sky he spotted along way into the distance ,a beautiful pale lady .He had never noticed her before and couldn't understand why? As he thought he looked back across the sky ,but she had disappeared .This got the sun wondering ,who was this beautiful pale lady? ,he wanted to see her again.

Days and weeks passed ,and every morning as the sun woke he peered across the sky to look ,but there was no sign..