the Great BiG Earth DiG

A Little Myth 3

The following morning the moon waited as long as she could for the sun to rise , but no sign. Now every morning from then on she waited a little longer. As time went by the moon was still high in the sky at midday ,on a cloudy day. The sun rose high and as the clouds moved away , the sun appeared with a great big smile on his face as he saw the moon and realised the hare must of delivered his message after all...

The moon moved across to the sun and the two began to dance together. The Earth below had become still and peaceful. The sun gave a beautiful ring to show his love. At that moment , all the stars appeared everywhere.

The dance would last forever.

As they parted they knew that they would always be a part of each with the other.

Now as time went by the sun would still get up early in the morning , while the moon lied in , but they were no longer lonely , as they knew each other were always there , moon for the night and sun for the day.

The Tree continued the two opposites had come together to become one and whole...

.....With that the woodcutter now understood ,he saw that he was covered in spring flowers . The face disappeared. He looked down at his boot , where the caterpillar had been ,but instead, a beautiful butterfly lifted into the sky. The woodcutter smiled. He knew what was needed to be done , he was free, he was home