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A Little Myth 2

As time passed the sun had grown to love this pale lady ,and decided he must do something to show his true feelings .So that evening ,as it was getting late the sun tried to wait as long as possible to see if the majestic lady would appear ,but no evail .The sun decided he would light up the sky with the most beautiful pinks and oranges to try to get some attention .Evening after evening as the birds sung their last songs of the day ,the suns displays would be more and more spectacular.

As you may have guessed this pale lady was the moon ,and she was also very lonely .Everynight she would appear and travel across the sky .On many occassions she had seen the sun looking straight at her in the early morning sky ,but he just couldn't see her .She had even tried to rise earlier in the evening to catch him ,but only ever saw him just disappearing behind the hills in the distance .Even though the sun didn't realise but the moon had witnessed the end of every evening's display of love. How could she show her appreciation of the sun to him. Then one night the moon tried with all her might to give something back.

As she thought about the sun more and more ,she found herself blushing ,and turning from pale white to a bright red ,and her shape slightly changed .The trouble was it was all in vain ,as yet again they had both missed each other ,as the sun was around the completely opposite side of the Earth..

Now one day the sun thought to himself I need to get a message to the moon ,but didn't know how to do it. He knew that somehow or another that they kept on missing each other. The sun shone down upon the earth and looked hard ,there running about amongst fields at great speed was an hare. The sun thought if he gave a message to the hare ,it might just be quick enough to pass it onto the moon. The sun spoke to the hare ,and asked the hare to take a message of love to the moon. The hare agreed as long as he was rewarded well. Meanwhile the moon had turned disheartened because of no show from the sun ,and even started to turn blueish with sadness.

The hare rushed off due east to get to the moon as quickly as possible to catch her as she rose up into the night sky. The hare had no idea how he was going to pass on the message ,he just kept on running and running towards where he thought the moon might appear.As he ran he came across a frog sat in the middle of the road ,which brought him to a complete halt. The frog asked the hare what all the rush was about. After explaining his mission the hare asked the frog if she had any ideas of how he could get to the moon in time. The frog explained the only chance he would have to get to the moon ,was where the sky met the sea. The hare was confused but thanked the frog for her time ,but explained he was running out of just that ,and must continue on immediately ,and with that he was off...

The hare ran and ran over hills an dales ,through woods and forests until eventually come to the sea. There as the frog had said ,where the sea met the sky the Majestic pale lady was waiting. The hare still didn't know how he would get to the moon ,to pass on the sun's message. As he looked across the vastness of the sea ,he slowly but surely could see a silver shimmering path straight to the moon. Without hast he was once again off.

He ran the fastest he ever had across the silver path until he reached the moon. Once there he saw the moon's kind face ,he opened his mouth but nothing came out. He had totally forgotten what he had come so far for. He was speechless ,as he looked back at the earth and could see the world with new eyes from a new perspective ,no divides. Just ONE. He desperately searched deep but with no evail ,it had totally gone. The hare explained the sun would not be pleased with him ,he couldn't return. The moon told the hare not to worry ,because the sun was a warm fellow ,and he should go back. The hare could not be consoled so she said that he could stay with her forever but could leave at any time ,when he was ready.