the Great BiG Earth DiG

WELCOME, thE great BIG Earth Dig

Is a day to inspire people on a local community level, to create a new space for growing their own fruit and vegetables. On the first day of spring, otherwise known as Equinox Day. Saturday 21st March 2015. By growing your own veg a renewed awareness of nature's cycles may help the long awaited reconnection to the planet.On the Spring Equinox everywhere on the Earth has equal day and night.The sun rises due East and sets due West at all points.
A day we can all possibly celebrate the planet together, a day for community equality. Dig for Sustainability and produce locally grown food, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. It is hoped that this day may grow organically from the roots up by word and mouth. You never know it may grow into something BIG. So get out of B.E.D. get your boots on and lets start digging. Create a small raised bed in a sunny spot in your garden,patio, balcony, or fill a container or pot.....ready for the warmer days when the frosts have gone to plant out.


Dig for Sustainability


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